" Absolutely delightful to work with. Kind hearted, passionate people. Felt like they were family around me rather than just photographers They were probably one of the best decisions I made for the wedding ."


"these guys were phenomenal when it came to getting that comfort level with the bride and the groom. They were very co-operative and present at all important and small functions as well."


"They made us feel comfortable. They were funny and creative. We never felt like we are with strangers"


"We love them. They made us feel totally comfortable with their playful and sensitive nature, became one of the family and gave us photos that make our hearts feel full every time we look at them."


"Omg ! Again loved the shoot with you guys ❤️
Amazing prewedding shoot and now the maternity shoot. "


"The single most awesome decision by me. Thanks to Mukesh and Sudha for making it happen and being part of the most important day of our life. Cheers !!"


"if u want ur wonderful moments to be captured like a dream then with no doubt it has to be PIXEL STORY"


"they are a couple who are immensely talented professionals, with a modern approach for capturing the finest moments of life"


"they got along so well with us and especially with our families that everyone believed that they are our friends from Banglore who happens to take pictures too. Indeed now they are our friends from Banglore" 


"can't thank them enough for capturing it all so beautifully that these pics will be loved for generations to come"


"the moment when I look at my photographs, close my eyes and I feel my heart swell as I relive that beautiful memory"


"They have captured all the emotions , the happiness, the colors, the whole feel of the wedding B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.L.Y. Each and every frame speaks a thousand unsaid words and oozes life out of it. "


The pictures have come out very distinctive and beautiful! Its fascinating to see how they manage to see things differently and get the perfect click! 


One thing which truly touched me was, Pixelstory brought Himay & me closer. I can’t begin to describe how profoundly a picture can move us


Mukesh & Sudha i seriously believe you guys don't do this just as a profession, but the gallons of passion you ooze on every job you undertake and each story that you say so differently makes me fall in love with your work every single time!


I have not come across anyone who can bring so much of life through pictures. Whenever you guys post any wedding pictures, it gives me a feel as though I witnessed it in person.