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Natasha + Karan | Mangalorean Catholic Wedding | Temple Tree Leisure, Bangalore

Natasha + Karan | Mangalorean Catholic Wedding | Temple Tree Leisure, Bangalore

10 Years and Counting..

Simple styling, minimal wastage yet sophisticated, were all Natasha and Karan, who are college sweethearts and have been together for a decade needed to pull off their dream wedding. This artistic bride kept the design simple and their decor centered around twinkle lights, Chinese lanterns along with wood accents with pastel fabric. The couple kept their color palette warm with yellow peach and hints of pink. Natasha was breathtaking in a strapless sweetheart neckline ball gown with crystal and pearl accents from BoLee Bridal Couture and Karan was the picture of classic groom style in a suit with custom Tux. The couple’s retro vibe was carried through the day, from the muted color palette to the bride’s stunning entry in vintage car which was super elegant and effortlessly stunning.

The wedding was mainly The Mangalorean Catholic way, an intimate and personal ceremony for family and close friends at St Anthony friary Church followed by a cozy reception at Temple Tree Leisure . It had all the fun elements like the first dance, the bridal march, the mangalore baila and throwing of the bouquet.

“I am so much in love with Natasha!

Apart from being super talented and gorgeous, this girl is gem of a person. Down to earth, kind hearted and super caring.

Thanks Natasha for sending us the cake, it is a sweetest memory I am going to cherish for lifetime. You are an amazing baker. And yes, thanks for that stress relieving tea you sent me sitting miles away.

Keep shining!”

- Sudha


The Church Wedding


From Bride’s Diary


Karan and I met in engineering college . He was my senior It will be ten years on June 26th this year :)


The vision was simple. It had to be minimum wastage and spend on the things that really matter and which guests would enjoy . I hate wedding where the intention is just to show the wealth. So we made sure to invest in good photographers, videographers to capture the memories , good MUA to make sure we look good in those memories , a good decorator who would follow our simple vision and an awesome caterer because how often do you go to a wedding and actually enjoy the food? Almost never ! Decor had to be less floral and more light elements as we don’t believe in wasting too much flowers. We went for fairy lights and Chinese lanterns as the main point of our decor along with wood accents with pastel fabric and few pastel flowers here and there . Our colour scheme was Warmth which had the colours yellow peach and pink.


The day before the wedding was the ceremony we have in mangalore called the Roce. It is the blessing of the bride and groom before the wedding by anointing them with coconut oil and coconut milk. Because Karan is Hindu we decided to merge it and make it Sangeet style with family and friends perform while I did a dance rendition to Dear Future Husband .

The wedding was mainly The Mangalorean Catholic way. Simple church ceremony for family and close friends followed by dance and dinner reception at TTL. It had all the fun elements like the first dance, the bridal march, the mangalore baila and throwing of the bouquet . We danced till the wee hours and everyone had a blast !


Karan and I both got the main outfits here in the US. My gown was from BoLee Bridal Couture. They have amazing one of a kind gowns as well as ones they can order for you from a particular designer . I didn’t have time so I chose from what they had. It was a strapless sweetheart neck-lined ballgown with crystal and pearl accents . Karan got his tux custom made. For the Roce and Reception I wanted to wear lehengas so I got them from Mayeeka in Jayanagar. Beautiful stuff but stay away from their tailor. I had to go 5 times and the blouses were still ill-fitted. Karans Indian outfits were from Kora in Richmond Road . They also custom make.


Jewellery was all from Tanishq.

Hair and Makeup

My Hair and make up for the Roce was more ethnic and dramatic with smokey eye with gold and red lipstick to match my ghagra and a messy side braid.

For the church I had a simple low bun with a crystal hair clip and basic make up only . It was mostly nude shades with light contouring and highlighting . For the reception I let my hair down with loose curls and made the eye make up slightly more dramatic . Karan was just Karan ;) who probably took more time on his hair though .

Always do a trial with the MUA beforehand.

Best Practices

Making a to do list will make sure you make minimal mistakes . All the points I said mattered most they all checked the boxes . Planning details on my own but delegating the work to be done by the right people. Not trying to micromanage took away a lot of stress. A good diet and enough sleep ensured nature did it’s part in making me look like a bride to be. Honestly work out the details with minimum amount of people. Otherwise it can cause a lot of unhappiness if you don’t take their suggestions. Remember at the end of the day you and your need to be happy. Its YOUR wedding so do it YOUR way. And that needs to be respected as you only get this day once . Plan ahead and delegate work to the people you trust and hence relax on the actual day. Remember to keep hydrating and eating small amounts of food at intervals on the day. No point planning everything and then feel like falling over.

About PixelStory.in

They were amazing to work with and were extremely nice to do a pre-wedding shoot for us on the house. Kind of felt like they were giving us a wedding gift of their own. And we were touched! They made us feel very comfortable and they shot some wonderful memories of our wedding .

Other vendors

Venue - Temple Tree Leisure: Loved the venue and vibe of the place but beware of the lighting. Make sure to ask for extra as it was definitely not enough even though we were told it would be .

Caterers - Manna Caterers: AMAZING food. They are the same guys as High Note in Indiranagar. Joseph, the manager is the best. Such a humble person who made sure the food was top notch . We didn’t get a chance to eat as the venue had to close so they actually sent us a whole lot of food the next week to make up for it . More than anything else people kept saying they loved the food.

Cake: The cake was done by me and the macaroons by Cafe Papilles and set up by my friends from pastry school. It was a pink ombré macaroons tower with vanilla Swiss meringue filling

Decorators: We took one of the TTL decorators. We weren’t too happy. I suggest you take someone whose work you have personally seen.

Cinematography: NJMProductions : Professional , dedicated and easy to work with. I was comfortable having them around and were very detailed in how to shoot the wedding . They make sure to meet you a few times before to get an idea of how you are as a couple.

Vintage Car - Classic Chase: These people were really sweet and professional. On time and such a smartly dressed and cheerful chauffeur. They have a beautiful collection of proper classic vintage cars. Make sure to personally go and choose. It’s far but it’s worth it .Beware of other vendors who just pass of old vintage cars as classic vintage cars. There is a difference even though they charge the same. Go with these guys and you won’t be disappointed.

“I’d like to thank my family and Karan's family. Without their constant help and support I would not have managed.

My friends Nikita , Ritika, Vara, Mercy and Ashwini who were with me throughout no matter what the situation they were by my side.

My mother who helped make sure her daughter got the wedding she always wanted . She’s only ever worked hard in life to give to her children. She ran with me to every vendor and every venue and dealt with people I didn’t want to . I don’t think she relaxed even one moment ... but mother’s... what can you say??

And most of all Karan my husband . He said right from the start the wedding I want is the wedding he wants. Even though he wasn’t here He was supportive of everything from day one and even very understanding during the inevitable breakdowns.”

- Natasha

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